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About Us

Adam Roberts

Principal & Co-founder

Adam joined Emily in July 2018 to help run their real estate business in a full-time capacity.  Prior to then, he worked in global management roles within GE Aviation and Transportation businesses.  Throughout the past several years, Adam helped with property acquisition and management of the A&E portfolio.

Currently, Adam leads the asset management strategy for their multifamily holdings, working closely with the on-site and regional management teams to ensure success of the portfolio.  He manages expectations as it relates to asset performance, and maintains the weekly and monthly communication rhythm with site management. 

Adam's strengths include operations management and people leadership, as he delivers on the quantitative metrics that lead to a successful investment for all stakeholders.  He is a strong believer that this is a "people business", and that success of the asset hinges on the success of the on-site team.​

Outside of real estate, Adam enjoys piloting small aircraft as well as being a flight instructor.  He plays in a country music band on the weekends, and enjoys traveling to see friends and family.


Emily Cortright

Principal & Co-founder

Emily is a highly knowledgeable and experienced professional in the fields of wealth-building and investing. As a Speaker and Educator, she imparts valuable insights and expertise on various aspects of wealth creation, empowering individuals to take control of their financial future.


With a deep understanding of real estate investments, Emily successfully ventured into the world of property acquisition and multifamily syndications. Her expertise extends to investing in notes and utilizing creative financing strategies to optimize returns. By harnessing her extensive network and market expertise, Emily has built a solid track record of generating impressive results for herself and her investors.


Beyond her personal investments, Emily is committed to sharing her expertise and helping others discover passive investment opportunities. She firmly believes that financial empowerment is a crucial aspect of personal growth and aims to inspire others to take charge of their financial destiny.

Emily and her husband, Adam Roberts, established A&E Real Estate Group, LLC in 2013, specializing in real estate investments. They have successfully flipped over 25 houses and self-managed a single-family rental property portfolio. They have syndicated 8 large multifamily properties (totaling over $250M in value), and have invested passively in over 20 Multifamily, Industrial, and New Construction projects. Emily's interest in real estate began while working in California for GE Aviation Systems. She left her corporate job in 2013 to pursue entrepreneurship and financial freedom through real estate investing.

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